Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Pointing the chimneys

The guys from Grate Expectations came to clean the bricks and point the fireplaces and also put in the limestone mantles today. Chimneys are coming along nicely, waiting for delivery of the woodburners which will only be March.

Cupboards in the outhouse

Put some cupboards up in the outhouse. We got them from Lu's family friends and they will give us some extra storage space. Not particularly interesting but I'm learning a lot in the process.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Kitchen floor

Finally got the vinyl flooring down in the kitchen! It was a hell of a lot easier than the bathroom, no toilets or basins to circumvent. Had to drill into the floor to lay a floor join cover strip between the kitchen and bathroom, which worked out quite well so I am happy.

Also moved some boxes into the house and some of our wedding gifts are going out onto the counters and shelves. We'll finally be in next weekend!

Friday, 22 January 2010

Kitchen window blind

Maz has very kindly made us a window blind to add some colour to the kitchen. Cath Kidson for those who are wondering :)

Bathroom floor and bath siding

The quick fix vinyl flooring in the bathroom almost got the best of us (tricky to fit and cut!) but I finally got it finished today.

Paul and I also fitted a new, white siding to the bath, much better than the black and lightens up the room even more, along with the new floor.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Extending the kitchen counter

We have decided to move the tall fridge into the outside room and install a smaller under-counter fridge in the kitchen (thanks for the great idea Maz!). This has given us a lot more room for appliances and food preparation space.

Not much left to do in the kitchen before we moved in, woohoo, getting there now!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Bedroom fireplace

We had the handyman come round today to help us install the decorative fireplace (we won't use it) in our bedroom. He made pretty quick work of it with a kango drill and I even capped an electrical outlet all on my own and survived!

The room is pretty much ready to crack on and decorate now.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Opening up the chimneys

Today Great Expectations came round and opened up our chimneys in both the lounge and the dining room in preparation of our new fireplaces. We're going to use the original brickwork in the backround behind the woodburners.

Painting the bathroom

Over the weekend, we painted the bathroom with "Apple White" to get a consistant green theme going, rather than the nasty yellow paint and wallpaper they had in there.

The basin and surrounding tiles are another shade of camo green, and the toilet itself is white!? Not sure who their interior decorator was but we are trying to make the best of it.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Sanding floorboards

I have added a few pics of the floorboards we sanded in the lounge and dining room last year. There were really horrible carpets in both rooms and once we got them out and hired some equipment to sand them, they came up really nicely.

I'm buffing the varnished floors :)


I wanted to put of some pictures of the snow we've had at the house this week. Here's the front of the house, the back garden and out of our bedroom window.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Coving the ceiling pt. 2

Spent the afternoon doing ceiling coving with Lu's dad. The walls bulge a bit so the 45 degree corners we've been cutting don't exactly meet up but that's what coving cement is for :)

Saw a bunch of electricians and plumbers this morning for a couple of odd job quotes.

Painting the kitchen pt. 2

Finally got the first coat of blue down on the walls of the kitchen. Here's a pic of Lucie while we were painting. Need to get a second coat on now and paint all the woodwork white, that yellowly colour is horrible. Also painted the cupboards and ceiling white and got a new roof light.

Moving furniture

Andrew and Steve helped us move all our furniture from our current house, bed, bikes, shelving etc to the new one. Also went and got out new bed and drawers from Lu's folks and brought it all here. Really need to finish up the lounge and main bedroom so we can start unpacking.


We hired a long wheel base transit van today. I recommend Kendall hire not Thrifty, they're cowboys... and idiots but that's another story. We took a heap of junk to the dump today, old cupboards, dead pot plants, old wrought iron gate etc. Didn't realise you can't usually take a van to the dump but they didnt charge us so that was good.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Painting the kitchen

We're giving the kitchen a lick of paint until we can renovate it. We're thinking light blue walls with white cabinets and woodwork. Much better than the nasty green coloured walls that were in there.

New side gate

The new side gate is finally finished too. The old one was a wrought iron gate about waist height and anyone could just walk into the garden if they wanted too. This one is about 8ft high now!